Jewelry Repair

Finally a place to fix that broken piece of jewelry

That great pair of earrings, or that necklace that you really love has been sitting in your jewelry box ever since it was broken. Wouldn’t you love to wear it again? Now you can get them repaired quickly, professionally, and inexpensively at RJBullion

Repairing jewelry is something that is not offered by enough goldsmiths, but we have partnered with a seasoned professional that has been repairing jewelry for more than four decades.

How Does it Work?

  • Bring your item into one of our offices.
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  • We will show your items over video conference to our goldsmith and he will detail the needed repairs and the cost.
  • Leave your items with us and then pick them up in the time frame that our goldsmith indicates (usually 2-3 days).

What jewelry repair can we perform?

Goldsmith repairing a silver chain
  • Resizing rings (smaller or larger)
  • Re-plating rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or any other jewelry
  • Repairing broken necklaces or chains of any size
  • Repair broken posts on earrings
  • Resetting stones
  • Fixing broken prongs on any ring or pendant
  • Recasting a piece into one that is totally new


Pricing will vary greatly, depending upon the amount of labor and gold/silver/platinum that is needed (in many repair cases, no additional precious metals are needed, reducing the cost significantly).

Pricing ranges

Resizing: $25 – $100 + cost of precious metal (if any)
Soldering broken chains / posts: $25 and up depending upon the number of solder points
Re-plating: Starting at $90
Stone setting (prongs): $50 and up
New prongs: $25 per prong
Any other custom repair or casting: Quoted by goldsmith

How it is done?

Re-plating gold rings.


Soldering a ring.

Need some help?

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